Feedback from some of our current and graduated students.

The level 4 Advanced behaviour has brilliant content, besides having 5 dogs of my own, some rescues, I work for the local dog wardens service in my area and also own a dog related business in the form of a secure dog walking field. I aim to expand my business and become a dog behaviourist once I have completed the course. I have loved the new insight and how much I have learned so far. So much so, that I have now enrolled on the Dog Law and Dogs & Children certificate courses too.

Hollie Morrell, East Sussex

I have completed level 4 advanced canine behaviour diploma and I enjoyed it so much. I have got so much out of it and I am now training puppies as a result of it. I am also there to give advice to any people who are struggling through those “terrible teens” stages. Thank you very much for all the support through the course. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone. I am currently working on the Canine First Aid Certificate course, which I am also enjoying very much.

Sophie Smith, Fife, Scotland

I am currently studying level 3 canine behaviour. This is giving me all the extra knowledge is need and I hope to do level 4 once I have completed this one! I am currently a dog trainer and I wish to widen my career further by becoming a behaviourist to help people further. The course are fantastic and I’d recommend them to everyone! I’d like to say a massive thank you to the college for making the course available online to make completing the units easier.

Abigail Ward, Greater Manchester

Currently Studying the Level 4 Advanced Canine behaviour course. I have always been interested in dogs and after 3 years of Animal care and Management education, I wanted to solely focus on dogs. The dream is to be able to become a trainer with an organisation if I get lucky enough. This course is fantastic! Makes you open your eyes to the dog world and filled with education. Best choice I’ve made in years I highly recommend it

Asha Jackson, London

Wow, great feeling right now to have finished! I have learned so much more about dogs especially nutrition which I have found very helpful, the course overall has been fantastic cannot fault it one bit. Thanks for all the support throughout the units.
Darryn Burton, Complete Canine Care Diploma Graduate, Belfast

I did come from a schooling that just used consequences e.g. choke/pinch collar but through doing this course and reading more on training techniques this has changed my outlook and how I deal with dogs.
Tony Lake, Complete Canine Care Graduate, Perthshire

Thank you so much for your help, I have really enjoyed the course and have learnt so much. I will definitely be able to utilise some of my new found knowledge in my role as a Battersea volunteer. I must admit that the course has challenged the old grey matter at times and I am pleased that I have now completed it. I aim to share my excellent experience with my colleagues at Battersea. Thanks again. Ann 🙂
Ann Harper, Complete Canine Care Diploma Graduate Kent

This course has been an excellent learning curve. I have enjoyed every single unit as each one is so very different and very informative. It has helped me so much in my role as a dog trainer and a dog owner. I now look at the whole picture when I go to see a dog with behavioural issues and am confident that by asking the correct questions I will do what is best for both dog and owner.
Susan Jones, Pack Leader Diploma Graduate, Tauranga, New Zealand

I have just completed the Behaviour Practitioner Diploma course. It has taken me just over a year to complete and I have to say it has been the best thing that I could have done. I have learned so much and it has given me the knowledge that I need to start my own canine behaviour business . The practical, which is at the end of the course, was the best day ever. My tutor was very supportive. I cannot fault the college or the course at all, and I would urge anyone who is thinking about doing a course through them to do so. You will not regret it. The ‘BCCS’ is the only choice in my opinion.
Nicola Godfrey, Dog Behaviour Practitioner Course Graduate, Kent

Just wanted to wish you all the best for Chrismas and the New Year and say thanks again for helping me get an amazing start with my dog walking business. Waggy Walks has gone from strength to strength this year and last week I took on one last customer which makes me fully booked!! I’ve got Boxers, Labradors, a German Shepherd, a Spaniel called Colin(!), an enormous Labradoodle and a little Border Terrier. What a mixture eh!! And most importantly I love every single minute of it 🙂 In the next few days or so I am planning to make a start on furthering my studies and enrol on one of your behavior courses.
Nicola, Professional Dog Walker course Graduate, Westhoughton, Lancashire

I have enjoyed the course and have gained by doing it, so I will recommend it to others! It was nice to do a truly functional course that delivered exactly what it promised!
John, Fun Dog Agility Coaching Graduate, Sittingbourne

Life is all about learning. The beauty of it is that once in a while, you learn something that is really useful, and this wonderful course is a great example of that. The knowledge that was provided is so useful and inspiring that it has fuelled the fire and jump-started my motivation to really go out there and turn my dream into a reality.
Roman, Fun Dog Agility Coaching Diploma Graduate, Israel

Thank you so much for having organised the practical yesterday. Both cases were very different from one another and provided the opportunity to put into practise a lot of what was learnt in the units – definitely my favourite part of the course! Learning about the theory behind techniques in no way compares to putting them in to action in a real life situation. I really enjoyed being able to experience the way in which a consultation would usually take place. I think it also gave me the chance to see techniques in action, and to observe diagnoses that I would perhaps not have seen myself. I have really enjoyed the course, and hope to put what I have learned in to practice very soon!
Greta, Dog Behaviour Practitioner Diploma Graduate, Bristol

After searching for an affordable course to learn more about dogs, I came across the British College of Canine Studies and after reading some of their testimonials thought I’d try them out. I couldn’t have been more happy with the professional way in which their courses have been put together and are delivered to the learner. The Professional Dog Walker Certificate has given me a deeper understanding of dogs, especially my own, and how their minds work, and it has given me much more confidence when meeting new dogs when out on walks. This course has given me the tools and confidence to hopefully in the near future fulfill my dream of working with dogs and become a dog walker/dog sitter. Thank you so much to all the team at BCCS!
Claire, Professional Dog Walker Certificate Graduate, Wrexham

I have enjoyed the course and have learned a lot more than I expected to. As I have progressed through the course I have put the things I have learned into practice with my own dogs. I have started to treat the dogs more as “dogs” and by respecting their code of conduct and good manners I feel that the bond between myself and the dogs is now much greater. The main thing I have learned is to respect the dog and try to understand what it is telling me in its own dog way and I hope both my own dogs and other peoples dogs that I walk will be happy to be with me.
Peter, Dog Walker Certificate Graduate, Peterborough

I have owned dogs for many years; I have trained them in basic obedience and even the odd trick. I have even bred dogs so you could find yourself asking what I don’t know about dogs. This course has shown me there’s so much more! There have been training methods which I’ve not known, heard of or tried. I had never heard of classical or operant conditioning till this course, now I love gabbling on about it and passing my knowledge onto others!
Nicola, Fun Dog Agility Coaching Diploma Graduate, Wales

I have attached a picture of myself and my first clients. I found the course inspiring, and a great confidence booster. A majority of the credit is owed to my fantastic tutor Dee, who proved to be very professional and incredibly supportive. I plan to utilise and expand on the knowledge the course has provided me with by expanding my dog walking business while also volunteering with friends’ dogs and at shelters when I can. This course has made me eager to gain a deeper understanding of the canine mind and I can’t wait to start the next one. Thanks BCCS.
Marianna, Professional Dog Walker Certificate Graduate, Cyprus

This really has been a good confidence boost and I will certainly be back to do another course soon that’s for sure. This really has made me more happy than any previous qualifications as it is a topic that I am very passionate about. Once again, thank you very much and I hope to see you very soon.
Claire, Professional Dog Walker Certificate Graduate, Wrexham

Since starting this course I have learned so much and it has recently come in handy at my work [as a veterinary nurse] as it helped me identify key issues which saved a dog from being euthanized. Because of this I would like to pass on my sincere thanks.
Nikki, Dog Behaviour Diploma student and Veterinary Nurse, Fife, Scotland

Having owned, bred, trained and shown GSDs for over 30 years, I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge of how to get the best out of dogs. The course is making me research into things more and giving me a great insight into the science behind it all and to large extent helping me to understand WHY. I am already learning an awful lot.
Harry, Dog Behaviour Diploma Student and Kennel Manager, Leeds

I would like to thank you for your help, support, guidance and knowledge throughout the course, which I have enjoyed immensely. The course was originally for interest but highlighted that I didn’t know as much as I thought that I did with regards to canines! Although I enjoyed the course, it has also been a massive help with my rescue dog in helping me understand things such as prey drive and fear aggression. I have had many compliments on how much Poppy has changed since I rescued her a year ago! Friends are astonished that she is a totally different dog in such a short space of time. Many thanks again.
Melanie, Dog Behaviour Diploma and Canine First Aid Certificate Graduate, Suffolk

I am really enjoying every moment of this course. The minute I receive my new unit, I drop everything else and can not leave it alone until I have absorbed everything I can! I definitely feel that my dog and I have already started bonding more by doing the practical challenges. I can only imagine what great things the rest of the course is going to do for us, but especially for her.
Heather, Fun Dog Agility Coaching Course graduate, South Africa

Loving the course! The last unit especially perfectly demonstrated how dogs behaviour is influenced; certain things that I see in the rescue dogs that I’m working with now seem to make perfect sense! I haven’t done any dog behavioural courses before but looked at a few before deciding on this one. Some of the courses even though they said they were behavioural were very much slanted towards training and not that in depth. This course has more than lived up to my expectations in explaining dog behaviour and treatment of issues. I am really enjoying it, have never studied so readily before!
Susan, Dog Behaviour Practitioner Course student, Belfast

I’ve learnt so much about our canine pals and especially my own dog through working with you on the two courses, it’s been really enjoyable all the way through. Joe and I have especially benefitted from the training challenges and we have definitely grown together as a team. He loves agility and it’s amazing the difference in him. I remember when I had only had him a few weeks, I walked him down to the sailing club when there was a small event going on and he was very nervous and uncomfortable even on the fringes of the activity whereas now when we go to a show he strides about as if he owns the place!
Nicki, Fun Dog Agility Course Graduate, Thetford, Norfolk

I feel that I am learning more about Titan with each new obstacle and that he is not has daft as he makes himself out to be! I love how excited he gets when he realizes it is time to do some agility work and I do generally feel the bond between Titan and myself is getting stronger by the session.
Nikki, Fun Dog Agility Coaching Diploma, Powys, Wales

So far I really like the course and it is exactly what I was hoping for. I feel I am learning and discovering dogs in both an exciting and almost intriguing way. I find the units very interesting and informative. The questions are well worded and challenging in a good way. James’s notes guide me to what I should be aiming at in order to achieve an exact and more precise answer and this helps me a lot too. I really look forward to stepping a little further into the world of dogs through the next units.
Marie-Helene, Dog Behaviour Diploma Course, London

I learned a heap while studying the in-depth Dog Behaviour Practitioner Dimploma course at the BCCS. I gained new understandings and new knowledge with many ‘a-ha!’ moments, about our four-legged friends. I enjoyed the course so much that I immediately enrolled on the BCCS Health & Nurtition course after graduation.
Bono Beeler, Dog Behaviour Practitioner Diploma Graduate, Christchurch, New Zealand

I really enjoyed doing the research. I love learning so I’m looking forward to the rest of the course. I have already been sharing some ideas from this course with the breeder we are friends with and where we got our Ridgebacks. She is so keen to learn more and help her puppies get the best start.
Tamasine, Dog Behaviour Practitioner Course student, South Africa

I’ve done a few dog behaviour courses now. This one was different, the first one to take both sides of an argument and examine it objectively. There’s a lot of difference of opinion in dog training and behaviour and this course was a refreshing change.
Alison, Dog Behaviour Diploma Course student, Australia

I have been looking for a long time for a course which examined dog behaviour from the ‘Pack Leader’ point of view, but it was impossible to find anything like it. I was very excited when I finally came upon this course. It’s fascinating so far and I’m enjoying every minute. It’s pretty challenging at times, but I like this fact. It’s good to get the old grey matter working!
Mitch, Pack Leader Course student, Oxford

And enjoyable and worthwhile course, taxing at times, but very fulfilling. I would highly recemmend to anyone who has an interest or just loves dogs. The knowledge gained has made me appreciate my own dogs more. I was also thrilled to bits to receive a Merit pass.
Christine Fairgrieve, Dog Behaviour Diploma Graduate. North Lanarkshire, Scotland

This is just a quick e-mail to thank you so very much for all your kind comments and support during my studies. I am so pleased to have passed the Professional Dog Walker course and to have been given a distinction is amazing. I have secured three regular customers in the last two days! I really hope to progress with my studies and will be in touch when I am ready to start a new course.
Nicola, Professional Dog Walker Certificate Graduate, Bolton

Working for BCCS online make the course flexible and achievable as i could fit it in around my spare time. I had so much support from my tutor and some wonderful positive feedback that i felt by the final module she was more than just a tutor and wanted me to succeed. i would definitely recommend completing a course through BCCS as they are great value for such a high standard of learning. I am already planning which course to do next and am really looking forward to it.
Josie, Puppy Care Diploma Graduate, West Sussex

I would like to thank the BCCS for providing the Dog Behaviour Practitioner Diploma course. The course was well presented and full of interesting and valuable information on the subject of dog behaviour, how dogs learn and dog psychology.
Troy Griffin, Dog Behaviour Practitioner Diploma Graduate, Pimpana, Queensland, Australia

I found this course to be very interesting and I learnt heaps. I think it will help me a lot when we start our puppy classes and therefore I will be able to help other people better understand their dogs and how they think. Hopefully this will make life better for both dog and owner. I would absolutely recommend the course to other people if they are looking to better their knowledge on dogs. I really enjoyed it.

Andria, Puppy Care Diploma Graduate, NSW, Australia

I would just like to say a very big thanks to everyone concerned at the British College of Canine Studies. I thoroughly enjoyed the Course and would definately recommend it to anyone who works with dogs or who is around dogs in any capacity. My knowledge of dogs has more than Quadrupled. It is a real confidence booster. Also James a big big thanks to you for all the positive feedback you gave me during the course. If anyone asks this is the ONLY canine course to be on. Many many thanks to the BCCS and once again James a big thank you to you.
Chris, Pack Leader Course Graduate, London

I’ve done a few dog behaviour courses now. This one was different, the first one to take both sides of an argument and examine it objectively. There’s a lot of difference of opinion in dog training and behaviour and this course was a refreshing change.
Alison Whitehead, Dog Behaviour Diploma Course student, Australia

I have enjoyed the course and have learned a lot more than I expected to. As I have progressed through the course I have put the things I have learned into practice with my own dogs. I have started to treat the dogs more as “dogs” and by respecting their code of conduct and good manners I feel that the bond between myself and the dogs is now much greater. The main thing I have learned is to respect the dog and try to understand what it is telling me in its own dog way and I hope both my own dogs and other peoples dogs that I walk will be happy to be with me.
Peter, Dog Walker Certificate Graduate, Peterborough

I had our daycare supervisor sign up to your canine first aid course – she is studying with COAPE and was adamant it was the best but I was speaking so highly of BCCS that she took a look at your webpage and signed up! We will be signing up for many more as she loved the first aid course.
Danniele Shirreffs, Shampooch, Dubai

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