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Professional Dog Sitter Certificate Course


*Now updated to include AAL legislation October 2018*


Our Professional Dog Sitter Certificate is aimed at those who wish to offer a residential service for dogs whose owners are away on holiday or unable to care for their pet for a short period of time.

Dog sitting is becoming an ever more popular way for owners to leave their dogs whilst they are away. Many do not like the idea of their pet being left in kennels, living in a concrete box with no luxuries. They prefer their pet to stay with a knowledgeable, caring person in the more intimate environment of their home.

The Dog Sitter certificate course focuses on the factors most important to dog sitters – from introducing the dog to their home in the right way, to what to feed them, exercise requirements and basic first aid.

Upon completion of this dog sitter course, you can show potential clients a certificate to illustrate your knowledge, giving them the reassurance that the person they are leaving their precious pet with is well informed and has the skills to meet the dog’s needs.

Unit Breakdown:

  • UNIT ONE – Becoming A Dog Sitter
  • UNIT TWO – Preparing For Your Visitors
  • UNIT THREE – Speaking Dog
  • UNIT FOUR – Dog Sitting Duties
  • UNIT FIVE – Training And Behaviour Problems
  • UNIT SIX – Basic First Aid


This Professional Dog Sitter course is also available with the Dog Law course as a Combo and the Canine First Aid course as a Combo.


How Long Will It Take Me To Complete This Online Professional Dog Sitter Course?


This really depends upon how much time you can dedicate to your studies, as well as how easily and quickly you grasp the learning concepts. We recommend that students fully digest and understand the course content before submitting their question paper. We encourage students to do their own additional reading and research to reinforce what they have learned. Each unit comes with a question paper which should be completed and returned to the college by email. You should allow between one and two hours to complete each paper.

There is a two year time period within which you can complete the professional dog sitter course.


Enrolment Requirements


GCSE level education or equivalent, and a good standard of English language. This course is open to anyone with an interest in working as a dog sitter. You do not need any previous canine experience to enrol, and you do not need to be a member of any organisations, clubs or governing bodies.


How Do I Enrol On The Online Professional Dog Sitter Course?


You can enrol on the professional dog sitter course by buying now through the site, or if you are from an organisation wishing to enrol a member of staff, please contact us for our BACS details.

By enrolling on this course through the website, you agree to our Terms Of Enrolment


  1. Helen Franks

    Thank u so much! I’ve really enjoyed the course and I’ve already started my new business. I’m now licenced with the council and have four regular dogs plus some boarders over the next few months. Website is up and running too. I will definitely do some more courses in the future.

  2. Amy Bacciochi

    I decided to enroll onto this course back in June, I’m over the moon to say that in August I graduated! Thank you to my tutor Dee for all the positive feedback from my marking sheets and the extra guidance when I had to resubmit some papers it’s really helped my confidence grow and made me believe in myself more! I will definitely do some more courses in the future. Highly recommend this course to anyone who is considering becoming a dog sitter.

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