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Competition Obedience Certificate

This is a course for people who want to take their obedience training to the next level. Move one step further to the more precise control of competitive obedience work. In doing so you will further build your bond with your dog, mix with like minded people and have fun… Through undertaking this course you will work towards and understand the standards required. You will learn the steps needed to complete each exercise competently through theory and practical application. Due to the fact that this is a competition obedience course, it would naturally be anticipated that your dog already has a sound level of basic training. This is NOT a basic dog training course.   On completion the student will:

  • Have had fun working with their dog, building a better bond and achieving a higher level of training.
  • Have a greater understanding of what is required to take part in the exercises in competitive obedience.
  • Know what the requirements are from their dog and themselves in each of the exercises.
  • Have learnt different approaches to training through practical ideas of how to introduce and progress with each exercise and know how to adjust if things aren’t working.
  • Understand the progression from class to class.
  • Know what to expect if they go on to enter the competition ring at each level and for each exercise.
  • Be able to offer this level of training to obedience clients, be it in a club environment or individually, i.e run a competition level obedience class.


Courses with this level of detail are difficult to find on the internet.

Unit Breakdown:

  • UNIT ONE – HEELWORK – On lead, off lead, changes of pace, halt and turns.
  • UNIT TWO – RECALL – Novice and ‘A’
  • UNIT THREE – RETRIEVE – Dumbbells and other items.
  • UNIT FOUR – STAYS AND DISTANCE CONTROL – Sit, down, stand, in sight, out of sight, at a distance.
  • UNIT FIVE – SENDAWAY – To a variety of markers.
  • UNIT SIX – SCENT – Handler, decoy, judges.
  • UNIT SEVEN – THE SHOW – Preparation, entering, helping.


Who Is This Online Competition Obedience Course For?

This course is for anyone who wants to get to competition level in obedience, whether you’re a dog owner, dog trainer or behaviourist. It’s a great introduction for those wishing to run a competition level obedience class. It will benefit an existing club member or an individual who wishes to further their knowledge and training. It will be valuable for an individual who may be unable to train at a club but nevertheless wants to understand and train for competitive obedience work so they can go on to enter the sport. This course aims to provide the background, the knowledge and the skill sets of training to achieve these objectives.

How Long Will It Take Me To Complete The Competition Obedience Course?

This really depends upon how much time you can dedicate to your studies, as well as how easily and quickly you grasp the learning concepts. We recommend that students fully digest and understand the course content before submitting their question paper. We encourage students to do their own additional reading and research to reinforce what they have learned. Each unit comes with a question paper which should be completed and returned to the college by email. You should allow between one and two hours to complete each paper. The approximate length of time required to complete the Competition Obedience course is 24 hours. There is a two year time period within which you can complete this Competition Obedience course.

Enrolment Requirements

GCSE level education or equivalent, and a good standard of English language. You do not need to have taken any prior canine courses to enrol, and you do not need to be a member or any clubs, organisation or governing body to enrol. Completion of this Competition Obedience course will allow you to use the letters BCCSComp.Obd after your name.

How Do I Enrol On The Competition Obedience Course?

You can enrol on the competition obedience course by buying now through the site, or if you are from an organisation wishing to enrol a member of staff, please contact us for our BACS details. By enrolling on this course through the website, you agree to our Terms Of Enrolment


  1. Pauline Copley

    I really enjoyed this course. It helped me understand the need to break down each exercise, working slowly to gain a firm understanding of how my dog learns through play. It also covered how to correct any problems that can arise before moving on. It’s a bit like building bricks, you need a good foundation to build and grow. The course gave me an insight into the obedience competition world and the confidence to have a go.

  2. Faye Barker

    I have only just started this course but am incredibly impressed already. I wanted to have an easy break down of competition obedience and ensure I had a good understand before I run classes in a hall. The units are well structured and make it easy to read whilst having a great depth of information. I am really pleased I went for this course, I am even tempted to sign up to more.

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