Canine Holistic Health Certificate Course




Canine Holistic Health Certificate Course

In a world where we are increasingly hearing stories about the ill effects of pesticides, chemicals and traditional medicine, many people are choosing to go organic. But what about dogs? Do these artificial chemical based treatments have as much of an ill effect on them?

A growing number of dog owners are seeking alternatives to the traditional flea treatments, vaccinations and medicinal cures. This course looks at these alternatives, weighs up the pros and cons of taking this path, and provides you with the advice you need to advise your clients on these methods.

Examining everything from herbal medicines, nutritional diets, acupuncture, aromatherapy, plus treatments for a host of canine health issues, this short yet comprehensive course is ideal for anyone wanting to offer alternative health treatments, or who would like to work as a holistic canine therapist. If you don’t like the idea of filling dogs with chemicals, and would like to try something more natural, this will be the holistic care course for you.

Unit Breakdown:

  • UNIT ONE – Nutrition and Supplements
  • UNIT TWO – Touch Therapies
  • UNIT THREE – Herbal Medicines
  • UNIT FOUR -Emotional and Psychological Therapies
  • UNIT FIVE – Preventative Measures
  • UNIT SIX – Alternative Treatments for Common Conditions


How Long Will It Take Me To Complete The Canine Holistic Holistic Health Certificate Course?

This really depends upon how much time you can dedicate to your studies, as well as how easily and quickly you grasp the learning concepts. We recommend that students fully digest and understand the course content before submitting their question paper. We encourage students to do their own additional reading and research to reinforce what they have learned. Each unit comes with a question paper which should be completed and returned to the college by email. You should allow between one and two hours to complete each paper.

There is a two year time period within which you can complete the Holistic Health for Dogs certificate course.

Enrolment Requirements

This course is open to anyone with an interest in canine holistic health. You do not need any previous canine experience or qualifications to enrol, and you do not need to be a member of any organisations, clubs or governing bodies.


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