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Canine First Aid Certificate


A great addition to the knowledge of any canine worker, our canine First Aid Certificate course teaches those who come into close contact with dogs how to deal with emergencies.

You’d like to think that you won’t find yourself into a problem situation with one of the dogs in your care, but accidents happen all the time. Dogs are naturally curious creatures, and it doesn’t take much for one of them to let their enthusiasm get the better of them. You also can’t stop other dogs attacking. The most beneficial thing you can know is how to address the outcomes. From bites and stings to poisoning, right through to giving CPR, our course teaches you everything you need to know in order to be prepared.

Set yourself apart from the competition by making your customers feel that their dog is extra safe in your care. Great for everyone from walkers to sitters, through to those who run training or sporting classes.




Unit Breakdown:

  • UNIT ONE – Preventing and Recognising Illness
  • UNIT TWO – Wounds, Bites and Stings
  • UNIT THREE – Heart and Respiration
  • UNIT FOUR – Muscles and Bones
  • UNIT FIVE – Poisoning, Stomach and Digestive
  • UNIT SIX – Canine Diseases


This Canine First Aid course is also available with the Professional Dog Walker course as a Combo, the Fun Dog Agility Coaching diploma as a Combo, the Complete Canine Care diploma as a Combo, the Holistic Health for Dogs course as a Combo, the Dog Behaviour diploma as a Combo.


How Long Will It Take Me To Complete The Canine First Aid Course?


This really depends upon how much time you can dedicate to your studies, as well as how easily and quickly you grasp the learning concepts. We recommend that students fully digest and understand the course content before submitting their question paper. We encourage students to do their own additional reading and research to reinforce what they have learned. Each unit comes with a question paper which should be completed and returned to the college by email. You should allow between one and two hours to complete each paper.

There is a two year time period within which you can complete the canine first aid course.


Enrolment Requirements


GCSE level education or equivalent, and a good standard of English language. This course is open to anyone who works with dogs, or wishes to know more about taking care of their own dog. You do not need any previous canine experience or qualifications to enrol, and you do not need to be a member of any organisations, clubs or governing bodies.


How Do I Enrol On The Canine First Aid Course?


You can enrol on the canine first aid course by buying now through the site, or if you are from an organisation wishing to enrol a member of staff, please contact us for our BACS details.

By enrolling on this course through the website, you agree to our Terms Of Enrolment


  1. Jo T

    I have no doubt i will refer to information from this course and i can definately see the value for a dog owner to do this course. I think it should be a compulsary thing to do when you get a dog (like a test prior to dog ownership!)

  2. Karl Thomas

    As I own 7 of my own dogs there is always the risk of an emergency, illness or injury occurring. The canine first aid course has given me the knowledge to continue caring for my dogs on a higher level ensuring they will be healthy, safe and happy. I am a hands on dog owner and now have a deeper knowledge of what to be aware of and what to look for. I have the increased level of knowledge that will enable me to deal with the majority of situations that may arise. As my dogs are sled racing dogs there is always the risk of injury and I now think I will deal with many of them differently. I also feel confident that I could assist friends and other club members with their dog if required and help them keep their dog safe or get the right treatment / advice.

  3. Becky Stafford

    This course has made me very passionate about spreading the word to others to learn more about their dogs welfare. I’m sure this would also have an impact on the amount of dogs that end up in shelters due to disease, neglect and lack of care because an owner can’t be bothered to take their dog to the vet because it has a sore spot or dumps it because it has a bad case of mange. I truly believe there should be some kind of basic dog course for all dog owners.

  4. Danniele

    I had our daycare supervisor sign up to your canine first aid course – she is studying with COAPE and was adamant it was the best, but i was speaking so highly of BCCS that she took a look at your webpage and signed up! We will be signing up for many more, as she loved the canine first aid course!

  5. Liane K

    I am really glad that I was able to do this course. The information that I have gained might prove to be invaluable one day. Whether it will be with my own dogs or with dogs belonging to friends or clients that I might have in the future, I intend to use the information that I have learned in this course to save lives. I also intend to use this course to treat dogs that have been exposed to other unexpected situations, which while not necessarily deadly, but might still be quite unpleasant for the dog, for example being stung by a jellyfish. At the end of the day, this course has given me the information that I need to be able to respond quickly and efficiently in an emergency situation.

  6. Ilka

    I was initially looking for a practical course in canine first aid and found that these take place very rarely in our region. I have really been enjoying the BCCS course. It seems to be far more comprehensive than a workshop run over a day or two. The topics are not restricted to emergencies as such but include issues such as vaccinations, control of parasites, and regular checks that help early recognition of signs of ill-health. There are significant parallels between human and canine first aid, so if students have prior first aid knowledge or skills, that certainly helps to grasp the material and to provide context.

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