James Conroy

James started off in France as one of the country’s 150 government recognised Owner Trainers under the CESSCAM scheme. Anyone with a dog on France’s Dangerous Breeds list, had to take part in a course on dog behaviour as part of owning such a breed. Also, anyone whose dog was involved in an incident, regardless of breed, had to pass the course. James returned to the UK and ran a rehab centre for several years before establishing the College in 2010. The College began with our Dog Behaviour Diploma. It was initially meant to be nothing more than homework for his behaviour clients. Today the College has thousands of students all over the globe, and a fantastic reputation for delivering affordable quality courses with experienced and knowledgeable tutors. James is the Founder and Principal.

Dee Tyler

Dee has been with the college since day one, having previously worked alongside James in the rehab and owner training centre. She taught agility classes as part of the rehabilitation, and these soon expanded as a service in their own right. Seeing the benefits of fun agility coaching, Dee decided to write a practical based home course for those who wanted to offer such classes and extend the benefits to owners who didn’t want to compete. Dee is now the tutor of four courses, offers advice and support to rescue centres and is a passionate campaigner against puppy mills and backyard breeders. She has three rescue dogs – Meyer, Capo and Salai, who even have their own Instagram presence!

Julia Langlands

Julia is our senior behaviour tutor, she has been working with dogs for over 20 years and is an associate of the CFBA, raw food advisor, microchipper, welfare consultant and working behaviourist.

Julia runs a behaviour practice that offers one to one tailored support to owners whilst providing training and practical experience in behaviour work to existing and aspiring canine professionals.

In her role as BCCS tutor Julia provides feedback, support, and advice to our students on all things related to dog behaviour, health, nutrition and law.

Alongside her consultation work and tutoring role for BCCS Julia liaises with local/national charities and vets to operate a rescue behaviour advice hub and small behaviour rehabilitation unit for welfare dogs with complex needs.

Julia’s specialist interests include holistic practice and the impact of diet on hormones, health and behaviour, and she shares her work and her home with many canine assistants including two Siberian Huskies, a Malamute, a Rottweiler, a Yorkshire Terrier and a Poodle mix.

Matthew Lodge

Matthew’s canine career began in Spain, where he was shocked at the number of stray and unloved dogs he saw. Having lived on private estates with working dogs all his life, he found it hard to grasp that ‘man’s best friend’ could be treated like that. He became involved with the expat rescue groups, picking up a great deal of knowledge and experience along the way. His passion grew, and he began to take as many courses and read as many books on canine health as he could. Becoming interested in alternative methods, and using his experience as a copywriter for the national press, Matthew penned a course on the holistic canine health in the hope of teaching others about the benefits of gentle, chemical free treatments. This course was snapped up by the BCCS, and remains a firm favourite amongst students. Matthew teaches three courses with us now.

Elizabeth Beach

Elizabeth joined the team in 2014, filling a marketing and finance roll. She now runs the office, and acts as administrator in between the tutor-student relationship. Such an intermediary is required as per our accredited status. Elizabeth and James married prior to Elizabeth joining the team, so we are now very much a family business!

Zoe Fisher

Zoe has been a dog walker and sitter, and ran a doggy day care business before becoming a tutor. She also studies canine health and nutrition with Pedigree but found the education biased. That’s when she put together our Health & Nutrition Diploma, which is now maintained and updated by Julia.