bccs certificate courses

Discounts to members of the armed forces & their families, veterinary professionals, existing students and graduates!

Competition Obedience Certificate


This is a course for people who want to take their obedience training to the next level. Move one step further to the more precise control of competitive obedience work. In doing so you will further build your bond with your dog, mix with like minded people and have fun…

Dog Law Certificate


With dog bites on the increase and new laws surrounding dogs both in public and in the home, it is becoming more important than ever for every day dog owners, as well as anyone working with dogs in any capacity, to understand the law as it actually relates to us on a practical basis. Knowledge is power and ignorance is no defence in a court of law.

Dogs and Children Certificate


Designed for every day dog owners, this course is especially of interest to those of us who are parents as well as dog owners, in response to far too many news reports and horrific incidents involving the family pet attacking a child in the household.

Puppy Care Certificate


Everyone loves a puppy. With their cute little faces and adorable play behaviours, how could you not? What many people don’t take into account when buying a puppy is the amount of work that needs to go into caring for and raising a well balanced pup who can then grow into a well behaved and happy adult dog. 

Professional Dog Walker Certificate


The first of our program of short, affordable Certificate courses, our Professional Dog Walker Certificate is aimed at those already offering a dog walking service and those intending to start a Dog Walker business.

Canine First Aid Certificate


A great addition to the knowledge of any canine worker, our Canine First Aid Certificate course teaches those who come into close contact with dogs how to deal with emergencies.

Holistic Health For Dogs Certificate


In a world where we are increasingly hearing stories about the ill effects of pesticides, chemicals and traditional medicine, many people are choosing to go organic. But what about our pets? Do these artificial chemical based treatments have as much of an ill effect on them?

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