Who Are The BCCS?


The British College of Canine Studies provide specialised canine related courses for anyone, worldwide, who is interested in pursuing a career working with dogs. Our courses are written and assessed by professionals currently working within the canine behaviour and training field. This assures our students that the course content is current and well informed, and will equip you with real world knowledge which you can put to use immediately upon completion.

At BCCS, our aim is to equip our students with all the information you will need to then go off and actually run a business in your chosen field. Many units come with an optional practical element which gives you a truly hands on experience.

Study your chosen subject in your own time, from the comfort of your own home, safe in the knowledge that the course you have enrolled upon is taught by professionals currently working in your chosen field.

Hundreds of students are already studying with us across the globe. To see what some of them think of our courses, visit our Testimonials Page

The British College of Canine Studies was established after our practicing dog behaviour therapists were horrified by the number of reports they received from clients regarding the ill informed and potentially dangerous advice being given by so-called ‘qualified’ practitioners. With the canine industry still very much unregulated, anyone wishing to call themselves a canine expert can legally do so. It is worrying that some accredited international colleges offer dog behaviour courses which are being assessed and marked by tutors from completely unrelated fields. We made the decision to set up a college run by practicing canine professionals, offering safe, intelligent and practical advice to enable students to become well informed in their field and offer excellent levels of service to their prospective clients.

All of our courses are online home study, with the option of trying out your newly acquired skills in the practical units offered in many cases. You have a full two years to complete your studies, so you can learn at your own pace, with full support from one of our professional tutors.


With so many online colleges / course providers offering canine courses, why should you choose the BCCS?


Primarily, because our courses are taught by professionals currently working in the field. Most online course providers simply buy the course material text from an author, along with an outline of what each answer should look like. Student assignments are then marked by admin staff or general freelance tutors with no specialism. Alternatively, they employ general freelance course writers who produce a course in a field they have no experience of by simply researching the content from books. If you enrol on our courses, you can be sure that your answers are being marked by specialists in the field, and your queries will be answered in far more depth.

Due to the course authors teaching their own courses, content is constantly being updated and kept current. This will not happen with colleges / course providers who have bought the course texts, so their course content may be very out of date.

Our college was set up because of the poor quality courses and tuition being offered by other colleges / course providers. So the standard of our tuition and course contents is of utmost importance to us. We only offer a small number of courses which are specific to the field, and we care about the information being offered to people interested in a career working with dogs. We do not offer courses in everything and anything, only caring about making sales. We are not biased in favour of a specific course which we gain more commission from. If asked for course advice, we offer it based on the student’s needs and career plans – not on how much commission we make.

Unlike many courses available through group discount sites, our courses are made up of written materials rather than just sending students a link to videos they simply have to watch in order to ‘pass’ the unit. Upon graduation, physical certificates complete with our seal are send out to graduates – you do not simply get a PDF to print at home. Our test papers comprise of a mixture of questions based on the unit text and research questions requiring the student to conduct their own investigations and report back on their findings. We do not use an automated multiple choice marking system – all papers are marked by your own tutor and feedback is offered for each answer. Our tuition is one to one rather than robotic and impersonal, unlike many other online colleges.

We do not subscribe to any school of thought with regards to canine behaviour. Many courses are very biased in favour of the author’s personal opinion, and students therefore do not get the benefit of seeing both sides of the argument. Our courses consider all viewpoints and allow students to make their own minds up.

We do not tie instalment students to a payment plan. If you decide that you do not want to continue your studies, you are not forced to continue paying.

The prices on the website are all inclusive. Unlike many course providers, we do not charge an enrolment fee or charge enormous upfront payment for our instalment options. We are upfront about our charges and do not insist potential students telephone for prices in order to be subjected to a barrage of sales pitch.

We are interested in the continuing development of our graduates, and can help them gain work experience placements, put them in touch with business set up advisors and are happy to provide written references for potential employers / clients. We also encourage networking between students via our Facebook Page and we are happy to advertise student businesses free of charge via our Business Directory.

We have hundreds of students, and their feedback is excellent. Many go on to enrol on another course upon graduation because they have enjoyed the first so much and gained so much from it.